Warm and sunny weather for most of the country, rain expected in parts of South Island this Christmas

An early look into Christmas weather across the country this year has been revealed.
An early look into Christmas weather across the country this year has been revealed. Photo credit: Getty Images

Forecasters have revealed where in New Zealand we can expect the good and bad weather this Christmas. 

Depending on which sort of Christmas you're in for this year, whether it's wrapped up inside away from the rain, or out playing volleyball on the beach, you might want to be careful with the plans you make.

Despite a forecast of hot and dry weather for most parts of the country this Christmas, people are being urged to keep an eye on certain areas where the threat of rain lingers. 

Meteorologists are expecting high pressures to move over the country in what should be a warm and enjoyable holiday season.

MetService meteorologist Lewis Ferris said due to high pressures on our shores, the weather in the North Island and parts of the South Island is looking bright and sunny. 

Ferris said people can expect a combination of warmth and northerly winds across most parts of the country. 

"There could be that good potential of not having to shove whānau all under the the veranda or into the dining room," he joked. 

"If what we're seeing does turn out, it will mean beachy weather for quite a good portion of the country." 

However, he said those on the west coast of the South Island are likely to get a wet festive season, and it could move north.  

"Those sorts of details are the ones that would be firmed up as we move into next week and actually have an idea of the sort of intensity and the distribution of the rain," he said. 

Ferris said for some people in the South Island, they can expect hot temperatures. 

"The east coast of the South Island around Marlborough and in Hawke's Bay, Gisborne, up into the Bay of Plenty, those are kind of the ones where we see the largest temperatures in this kind of likely weather regime," he said. 

"Mid-20s in the usual warm spots is a pretty good guess under that sort of weather regime that we would be seeing." 

Despite it being good weather for the portion of the country, he's urged people to not "make those plans today".  

"I would wait until we get into next week. You might need to be cleaning the outdoor furniture or you might need to be tidying up the indoor area," he said. 

Ferris recommends people keep an eye on the forecast to follow on any developments.