What weather can people across New Zealand expect over summer and on Christmas Day?

Last year's summer was a bit of a shocker for many across New Zealand, so there are high hopes for a stunner this year.  

NIWA Broadcaster Ben Noll joined AM on Friday to share some forecasts for the lead-up to Christmas and the day itself.

Noll said it won't just be Santa bearing gifts this year, but meteorologists too.  

"We've got some pretty nice weather on the cards leading up to Christmas," Noll said.   

Kiwis can expect sunnier conditions and warmer weather in the next week or so.   

"It looks like right around Christmas day could be a bit of an inflection point," he said, meaning that after the festivities, the weather could take a turn.   

"Maybe it turns a little bit more unsettled after Christmas day, but here's hoping that the day itself still retains some of the nice weather we're going to get in the next week or so."  

While skies should be relatively clear, people should expect a little wind.   

"Over the course of the summer season, with El Niño we can expect gustier conditions," Noll said.   

He recommended keeping the higher winds in mind if you are travelling around the country.  

El Niño is part of a naturally occurring global climate cycle that influences rainfall, temperature, and wind patterns.