Dunedin's Punjabi community 'shaken' after mysterious death of member Gurjit Singh

A leader of Dunedin's Punjabi community says they are shaken after one of their own died in mysterious circumstances.   

It's been three days since 27-year-old Gurjit Singh was found dead at his Dunedin home on Monday and forensics are still investigating what happened.  

A section of Hillary St in the quiet Dunedin suburb of Liberton remained cordoned off on Wednesday.   

"As per his friend, the door was open, the window glass was smashed and the curtain was hanging. He can see the blood when he went near to him, he was able to see the wounds as well," Otago Punjabi Foundation Trust's Narindervir Singh told Newshub. 

Newly married, Gurjit was awaiting his wife's arrival from India.   

Narindervir has been in close contact with her, as well as Gurjit's family in India.  

"She said he was telling him that it was a peaceful town, Dunedin is a peaceful town she was like, 'How this can happen to my husband?' 

"The family wants to know why this happened to their son their hard-working son," Narindervir said.  

Just weeks earlier, Gurjit had discovered his garage door unexpectedly open, Narindervir said. 

"He bought security cameras just as a common man like we do these days, all the New Zealanders, because nothing is safe in this country at this time." 

Gurjit's death is still being treated as unexplained.   

A post-mortem examination was carried out in Christchurch on Wednesday and a team of 25 investigators are interviewing and speaking with Gurjit's family, friends and colleagues to try to establish his movements prior to his death.  

The death was a complete shock for Dunedin's Punjabi community.   

"This incident has shaken the community a lot it's unbelievable," Narindervir said.   

"He came from Auckland to this town for a better life not for his life to end like that. 

"Gurjit deserves justice." 

Anyone who may have seen unusual activity in Hilary St between January 28 and 29 is urged to contact the police.