Woman reportedly pulled from car, assaulted 'for some minutes' in 'gutless' Auckland road-rage attack

  • 10/01/2024

An Auckland motorist accused of punching and kicking a helpless woman has been arrested after what's being described as a "gutless" road rage attack.  

According to a witness, detailing the violent attack on a community Facebook page, the assault unfolded at the roundabout of Swanson and Metcalfe Rds in the suburb of Henderson on Saturday. It started after the victim appeared to be "driving slowly and cautiously", the witness said.  

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The driver of a Holden Commodore proceeded to speed up and turn in front of the victim's white car, before the attacker got out of the Commodore and "began to punch the Asian woman in the white car through the driver's window", according to the witness. 

She then "opened the driver's door and launched into a full-on assault", the witness said. 

A child passenger in the attacker's car watched on as the assault unfolded, she added.

"It was a gutless assault... The assault went on for some minutes. Cars backed up behind the stopped white car but no one got out to help."  

Witnesses also said the attacker pulled the victim out of her vehicle, a police spokesperson told Newshub.  

Officers rushed to the scene when they were notified of the assault at about 2:30pm on Saturday, the spokesperson said. However, the victim and alleged offender had left by the time they arrived.  

After investigations, officers located the pair. Police said they were not known to each other and the ordeal "appeared to stem from an alleged road rage incident".  

A 38-year-old woman was subsequently taken into custody.  

"The victim suffered bruising during the incident but did not seek medical help," police said. "The 38-year-old woman is scheduled to appear in the Waitākere District Court tomorrow, January 11, facing one charge of threatening to kill and another of assault with intent to injure."