Lloyd Burr hunts for 'some moron' who crashed into him while at the cricket in Mount Maunganui

AM co-host Lloyd Burr spent Monday morning's show on the hunt for the driver of a car that crashed into his over the weekend.  

Burr spent the weekend in Mount Maunganui watching the Black Caps play cricket against South Africa, with his car parked on the side of the street.  

When he returned to pick it up, "some moron had crashed into the back of it, at some speed as well," he said.   

He said the entire back right side is "munted," and he suspects the wheel axle is damaged as well.   

"The other car must have been going at quite a speed," co-host Melissa Chan-Green said.   

The thing that really irked Burr was the offenders had not left a note.   

Thankfully, cyclists had seen a BMW with damage to its front left bumper driving away from the scene, but they didn't catch its registration.  

Burr deduced from the damage around the impact that he was looking for a white car.  

"Is this leading the news this morning?" AM's Nicky Styris joked.  

The place Burr stayed at does have a camera, however, it's not filming at the moment.  

"The owners called me today and said it's not functioning," Burr said.   

As the feedback started to come into AM's email, someone said that Burr had a "very nice car".  

"It was a nice car, until it was smashed up," he replied.   

"I spent decades saving up for a car and then this happens."  

 Styris asked whether he had insurance, and he thankfully did.   

 "It's my little pride and joy. Some people call it the sports mom-mobile," he admitted.  

A viewer named Jeremy wrote into AM to share his own experience with a smash and dash.

"I was legally parked in New Lynn having dinner at a local restaurant.   

"When I returned a member of the public approached and gave me the rego of the offending vehicle that had backed into my company car.   

"She said she had left a note on my windscreen, but the offending driver removed that note.  

"I was able to do a registration check and went straight to the offending driver's house and pointed out my white paint on his car.  

"He apologised and agreed to pay the damage costs," Jeremy wrote.   

There was another story shared with the AM team that didn't have such a fortunate ending.

Glen shared his story, where a note was left on his car that read, "Hi there, I accidentally backed into your side door when leaving and I'm writing you a note.  

"People watching me are relieved that I'm leaving my details, but I'm not. Have a nice day."