Overflowing dog-poo bins has Auckland residents outraged

Residents say the bins at the popular Meola Reef Dog Park in Auckland are becoming a major problem and haven't been emptied for weeks.  

Images show dog-dung bags and waste pouring out of the bins and onto the ground. 

The stench has concerned locals, who have said the area is becoming a magnet for flies, rats and other pests.  

Residents claimed Auckland Council was informed of the situation more than two weeks ago but nothing was done.  

In a statement on Wednesday, Auckland Council area operations manager Martin Wong stated Meola Rd, where the park is located, is currently closed for work. He said there's limited access to the park for bin collection due to the restrictions in place.  

They have since made an access pathway for rubbish collection. 

"We have established a route for our contractors to access the park by foot and we have advised our contractors to service the bins regularly through this accessway," Wong said. 

The council confirmed the bins were cleared as of Tuesday.