Police investigating allegation 'homemade taser' used in Dargaville High School fight

An investigation is underway after a 'homemade taser' was allegedly used in a chaotic schoolyard fight in Northland.

The brawl broke out at Dargaville High School on Thursday between a group of boys and a fellow student.

The punch-up was caught on camera by a bystander and sent to Newshub by a concerned parent.

When the video starts recording a student can be seen surrounded by a group of boys and two more jump over a fence to join them.

The student starts to back up as the group edges closer before he throws two punches at the closest two boys. A fight then breaks out with both the lone student and the group throwing punches.

Someone can be heard screaming "oi" in the background as the group of students wrestle back and forth.

Two students jump over the fence to join the group.
Two students jump over the fence to join the group. Photo credit: Supplied

The lone student then falls to the ground and the pack of around five boys jump on him, throwing more punches.

A woman, who appears to be a teacher, then runs towards the group, breaking up the fight.

Throughout the video, a buzzing noise similar to a taser gun can be heard multiple times. At the end of the video, one of the group members can be seen walking away with a white rod before hiding it in his pants.

The student falls to the ground and the group of boys jump on him.
The student falls to the ground and the group of boys jump on him. Photo credit: Supplied

A police spokesperson told Newshub officers were called to the fight and are investigating an allegation that a "homemade taser" or "stun gun-type device" was used during the attack.

"At this stage, no arrests have made, and the school are also dealing with the incident internally," the spokesperson said.

A Dargaville High School spokesperson told Newshub they issued a statement to parents and caregivers confirming a fight involving students had taken place but would not comment further.

Newshub has seen the email from principal Michael Houghton which said there were a "number of incidents" at the school with one "major incident" taking place on Thursday.

Houghton said one of the school's students was assaulted by a group of students over several year levels.

"These [incidents] were disappointing and we are sure these events are isolated," Houghton wrote in the email.

Houghton said the school has taken action against the students who committed the assault.

"Currently these students are not at school and we are working through our school policies to deal with the incident," Houghton said.

"We are assisting the student who was assaulted and their family where we can.

"The safety of all students is paramount and we have implemented strategies to help them cope with the incident. We are also working with Blue light and the Police closely and have employed additional security staff."