Rare vintage Barbie doll collection up for auction in Wellington

She's been around since 1959 and thanks to a certain movie is more popular than ever - now a rare collection of Barbie dolls is up for auction in Wellington and it's gathering huge interest.

From an old 1962 Barbie to a 60s beach Ken, to even an Allan, this collection has dolls that are over 60 years old.

"Barbie dolls don't often turn up to auction, particularly the 1st issue ones, as they never came at the time when they were issued in 1959, 1960," Dunbar Sloane spokesperson Bettina Frith said.

It's Ken-ough to make collectors like Patsy Carlyle go crazy.

"I do have a couple of high-end Barbies but certainly nothing in the 1960s range which is very hard to get these days," Carlyle said.

Barbie's experiencing a resurgence right across the globe thanks to last year's smash-hit film.

The auction house said it's already seeing huge interest.

"At the moment, I have over 200 people registered for the auction showing interest so that's exciting it's a good start," Frith said.

The dolls could fetch up to hundreds of dollars each but this collector reckons they could go for even more.

"The prices they've got on the dolls seem quite low. I think there will be big interest in them and looks like they've been well cared for," Carlyle said.

It's not just Barbies going under the hammer, around 900 retro toys are up for grabs. From lifelike dolls, which some may find a little creepy, to train sets.

"It covers everything, it's an exciting sale," Frith said.

The online auction ends next Wednesday.