Survivor Farid Ahmed who lost his wife in Christchurch terror attack shares his love for forgiveness

Five years ago today, a gunman opened fire on Al Noor Mosque, killing 51 men, women and children.

The mass shooting took the life of Husna Ahmed. Five years on, her husband Farid Ahmed explains what life without her has been like.

"I don't have to remember her because she is part of me. You know that you've lost a limb. You don't need to be reminded," he said.

Farid follows a philosophy of forgiveness. A worldview he gained decades before the shooting, when a car crash left him paraplegic.

Farid said his wife was selfless, someone who sacrificed her life for the lives of others.

"She was a peaceful worshipper… who went in three times to rescue people and to rescue me," he said.

Since the attacks, Farid's been speaking around the world, sharing his love for forgiveness and peace.

In his view, the tragedy brought New Zealand together.

"I feel happy when I look back at how wise New Zealand is - that they came together, in unity, in compassion and together they have defeated his one hate by millions of loves," he said.

"I would like to acknowledge my wife and all the martyrs and all the people who have suffered. I would like to acknowledge the selflessness and bravery of first responders and also I'd like to acknowledge Kiwis' compassion."

Watch the video above.