Alleged fraudster Nicola Flint's list of excuses after leaving dogs at Canterbury kennel to go overseas

More allegations have surfaced about alleged fraudster Nicola Flint, this time involving her family dogs.

They were left at a Canterbury kennel when she and her family went to England after allegations surfaced of an alleged six-figure fraud at one of New Zealand's oldest rugby club.

Flint now owes the kennel thousands of dollars.

The Flint's dogs, Winnie and Goose, were left at the kennel in December last year. Four months on, they've neither been collected nor paid for.

Flint owns the dogs, and the kennel, who doesn't want to be named, has struggled to get hold of her. 

But they have given Newshub Flint's emails as they tried to get answers. The first came in early March, saying: "Our son has suffered some major complications following his recent neurosurgery, with uncontrollable seizures earlier this week.

"On Wednesday night he was placed in an induced coma, in the Intensive Care Unit of The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.

"We have been by his bedside since it happened."

Flint is allegedly at the centre of a six-figure fraud from Christchurch Football Club where she was employed.

"I can honestly say it has broken the club in a lot of areas, particularly in the junior section," club chairman Craig Calder said.

As those allegations were made public, close friends and family have been in touch with Newshub - each with an elaborate story.

"She's a pathological liar," one told Newshub. "It was just a pack of lies, just a pack of lies."

She told them that she was dying of cancer, with forged medical documents to back these claims up.

"I really don't think we're the isolated people that she's done this to," the person told Newshub.

Now Flint claims her son was or is in an induced coma. But Newshub has spoken to family and friends who have been corresponding with her son since he's been in the UK.

We've also contacted the UK hospital Flint named, which confirmed her son was never in the ICU.

The kennel's emails have been kind, patient and empathetic to Flint's stories - even offering the family a 50 percent discount on the dogs' stay.

And then in came another email from Flint: "I am also currently in hospital with a ruptured bowel, which I had removed around 10 days ago."

Our investigations reveal from the date of that email that Flint says her bowel was removed the very same week she was filmed dancing the macarena.

She went on to say: "Finance wise, as soon as I can possibly get to the bank to arrange a transfer I will. I have been in High Dependency, but I am now in a normal ward."

The kennel has had sporadic communications constantly chasing up the Flints, and Nicola told them the time difference made it difficult to call.

But within an hour of the kennel emailing to say they were aware of the fraud allegations and may go public in order to rehome the dogs, the Flints called them asking them not to speak with Newshub.

The list of people looking for answers is growing.

"People get away with things - and it's not right," one told Newshub.

Meanwhile Winnie and Goose, who are sick of the kennel, may soon be looking for a new family.