Woman at centre of alleged $100,000 fraud at Christchurch Football Club claimed she had links to royal family

Newshub has obtained more forged documents detailing the terminal diagnosis of alleged fraudster Nicola Flint. 

Flint is at the centre of an investigation of an alleged six-figure fraud at a Christchurch rugby club. 

Sources close to Flint have contacted Newshub to share the elaborate stories she told them, including being the daughter of an earl who was heir to the British throne and that she was once crowned HSBC European banker of the year. 

Flint also claims she's had terminal cancer since at least 2016. 

She's told those close to her she is currently undergoing aggressive cancer treatment that's far better than she could get in New Zealand. 

Since Newshub broke the story of the alleged six-figure fraud at Christchurch Football Club, as well as unearthing fraudulent medical documents that claim she was dying, several people close to Flint and her husband have reached out. 

Newshub has obtained a second apparently fraudulent letter on BreastCare letterhead with the faked signature of a respected Christchurch surgeon. 

The 2017 letter, with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, said: "The tumors [sic] had metastised into the spinal and neck areas of the bones resulting in Stage 1Va or advanced breast cancer being diagnosed. 

"Intensive radiation has led to relatively high levels of internal bleeding due to the weakening and prolapse of the colon. 

"In some cases we have seen survival over two years but less than three years." 

That was seven years ago. 

A friend and colleague of Flint from ANZ told Newshub she always questioned her terminal cancer. 

UK-born Nicola Curry met Kiwi husband Andrew Flint in Bermuda, where she told people she had worked at HSBC but that she'd also been a heroin addict. 

The pair were married in 2010 and now have two children. 

Newshub has no evidence to suggest Andrew Flint knew of the alleged fraud. Newshub has spoken to numerous sources close to Nicola Flint and heard the stories she has told them, including multiple cancers and ailments. 

Other stories she supposedly told them include that she was the daughter of an earl who was 13th in line to the British throne but she was written out of the will; her ex-husband bought a yacht and got lost at sea presumed dead; and that she won $500,000 working for HSBC after being awarded European banker of the year - but lost the money paying for her mother's court case after allegedly ran over a pedestrian and murdered her husband with a pillow. 

The Flint's St home in the Christchurch suburb of St Albans now sits empty after the family abruptly left the country in December. 

Neither Nicola Flint nor her husband have responded to repeated requests for comment. 

They both remain in the UK, while police in New Zealand continue to investigate.