Pams withdraws batch of seasoned wedges over 'unpleasant flavour', potato quality issue

Golden brown seasoned homemade thick cut potato fries, wedges on a dark baking tray in oven.
Photo credit: Getty Images

Pams has withdrawn some seasoned wedges after complaints of an "unpleasant flavour when cooked". 

The food brand, which is owned by FoodStuffs, said it is withdrawing all Pams Seasoned Wedges 750g that have a Best Before date of December 5, 2025.  

Spokesperson Melissa Steffensen told Newshub that while there is no food safety risk, the quality of potatoes is not up to standards.  

"The team at Pams have fully investigated and identified the issue as being related to the quality of potatoes used to make the wedges; this is not a food safety risk," Steffensens said.  

"Some bags of wedges with this best-before date of 05 Dec 2025 have been reported as having an unpleasant flavour when cooked.  We've found that this is because the quality of the potatoes wasn't up to par for a short time during the production of this particular batch. The majority of product with the 05 Dec 2025 best-before date is unaffected." 

She said as soon as Pams became aware of the issues the batch was taken off the shelves.  

"We've got really high expectations for the quality of our Pams products and when we make a mistake, we're quick to put it right.   

"We're happy to reimburse customers whose product is not up to scratch. Simply bring it back to your local store or call us on 0800 245 114 for a refund." 

It comes after a person posted on the social media platform Reddit complaining their Pams wedges stank of "horrible chemical rancid cheese".  

"We have just thrown out a bag of Pams wedges (purchased this past weekend) because the house stinks of horrible chemical rancid cheese, which you guessed it, some of the wedges tasted the same." 

The person said they were cooking multiple things at once and didn't suspect the wedges until they went to eat them.  

Several people in the comments revealed they faced the same issue as well.