Video emerges of dangerous near-miss on same Canterbury highway as quadruple fatal crash

  • 09/04/2024

A shocking video has emerged of a dangerous near-miss on the same highway which saw four people killed in a collision last month.

The dashcam footage shows a red car driving down State Highway 8 near Lake Tekapo on the wrong side of the road. 

As it approaches a bend, a silver car appears and is forced to quickly swerve and pull over off the road. The red car moves across to the left lane and continues driving.

In the caption, the person who posted the video claimed the driver of the red car was a tourist.

"Tourist remember we drive on the left side of the road!!" the person posted.

The comments section was filled with people who claim these instances are common in the area.

"I live near there and I’ve seen it happen sooo many times. It's always a tourist in a rental car. So scary!" One person commented.

"I had that on Wednesday driving through there. It's damn scary seeing them coming straight for you," another wrote.

"{I] had a head-on collision at Tekapo with a tourist driving on the wrong side of the road. Was on Godley Peaks road. Not far from the spot in the video," a third claimed.

The video has emerged just ten days after four people died in a collision on the same road in Pūkaki.

The crash involved two vehicles and a motorcycle between Hayan Road and Tekapo Canal Rd, on State Highway 8 on March 30.

The four people who died were two Malaysian students studying at the University of Canterbury, an ex-army commander and a motorcyclist. 

Three people were also injured in the crash, all students.

Just 90 minutes later emergency services were called to another crash on the same highway.

Ten people were injured and one was in a serious condition after a three-vehicle crash at the intersection of State Highway 8 and Tekapo-Twizel Road.  

The crashes have raised questions about State Highway 8. Waka Kotahi said more than 40 major crashes have taken place there in the 10 years leading up to 2020.