Christchurch mosque attack: Worshipper says they never practised emergency drills in case of attack on Al Noor

One of the worshippers and volunteers at Al Noor mosque says they never practised an emergency drill for an attack on the mosque, and he never even considered such an event.

The coronial inquest also heard Al Noor's Imam Gamal Fouda wondered if a break-in that occurred before March 15 may have damaged the door that worshippers couldn't open during the attack.

On Tuesday, the court heard a voice message left by Imam Fouda talking about two incidents at the mosque prior to the March 15 attack.

"Two people who came to [the] mosque and they reported then that they are dangerous and things with the police and police kept saying that they can't do nothing and if they come back just ask them to leave," the voice message said.

Imam Fouda said there were racial slurs.

"They were saying 'go back to your country' and they were very rude and mocked someone in the kitchen and shouted at him."

And in a separate incident, there was a robbery.

"The police actually did nothing about the person who robbed [the] mosque, they said they couldn't recognize his face and we can't find him and all these things."

The Imam also said the door being examined by the coroner was damaged in that same break-in.

Many victims died whilst trying to escape through the door, which failed to open during the attack.

A volunteer at Al Noor who was familiar with the lock said it was hard to open and required two full 360-degree turns.

The man, who has name suppression, told the court it would be hard to open in a panic-stricken emergency.

He also said they never made safety plans or practices for any attack at the mosque because he could not ever comprehend such a thing.

A monthly safety checklist for Al Noor Mosque that was in place on March 15, 2019 was shown to the court.

It required that "doors on escape routes are easy to open".