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Leonie Freeman on The AM Show.

First-home buyers shouldn't rely on KiwiBuild - expert

More than 35,500 people have already put their names in the ballot.


Man shot in the arm

He is in a stable condition.

One Wellington woman said on Twitter the last thing she wants after a day staring at a computer screen is a bright blue light on the bus.

Kiwis lash out at 'migraine trigger' neon blue lights on buses

An optometrist warns the lights could disrupt sleeping patterns.

Spectators were stunned to see blue whales in the Hauraki Gulf.

Whale hello there: Auckland coast gets visited by frisky whales

"We don't know how lucky we are with the Hauraki Gulf on our doorstep."

Watch Duncan Garner speak on The AM Show.

Duncan Garner's fiery words for opponents of free speech

"Council, I reckon you look stuffy and you're up your own backside on this one."

Watch David Cumin speak to The AM Show.

'Dangerous precedent' will be set if we lose lawsuit - free speech group

"An elected official is using his power to shut down views he doesn't like."


Owner of Bowie the cavoodle recounts their emotional reunion

"They said, 'Yes, it's definitely Bowie' and I just pulled over and had a really good cry."

A south Auckland councillor is calling for tithing to be banned at churches located in low-income communities.

Church-goer says poor families feel pressured to tithe

"The more you give, the more you feel you've got a right and a stronger say in the church."

Far right speaker Lauren Southern spoke to Sky News Australia saying she felt "zero shame" about her ethnicity.

Free Speech Coalition files legal action against Phil Goff

It comes after he chose to prevent far-right activists speaking at Auckland Council venues.

Watch: Why Auckland councillors still want to live in Auckland.

As provinces go from strength to strength, will Aucklanders up sticks?

These days the rest of the country's doing as well as Auckland - and maybe even better, says Kiwibank's chief economist.

Police car on the street at night

Pedestrian dead after being hit by car in Te Atatu

The person suffered critical injuries in the collision on Tuesday evening.

Mu Thu Pa and Kay Dah Ukay.

Couple killed at Muriwai were refugee parents

They leave behind nine children and a grandson.

Auckland, New Zealand - February 29, 2016. A group of backpackers crossing Queen street in downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

Aucklanders feel increasingly unsafe on Queen Street

But police say crime is not on the rise.


Woman charged with murder after Auckland teen's death

A 28-year-old woman will appear in court on Monday morning, police say.

The North Island is facing heavy downpours and thunderstorms into the late morning.

Flooded Auckland roads reopened

Albany on the North Shore received a record 36.6mm rainfall in one hour.

It is not yet known exactly where on the historic headlands the proposed statue would sit.

Giant statue proposed for Auckland's Harbour entrance

A statue of Papatūānuku, the Earth Mother, would stand between 30m and 50m tall.


Severe weather warning for upper North Island

Metservice is telling people to remain alert over the coming days.


King tide may close section of Auckland motorway

NZTA says traffic could be affected on Sunday.

The solution to traffic jams, a professor says, is to not tailgate.

Simple trick everyone should follow to avoid creating traffic jams

You could be making traffic worse without even realising it.


Non-homeless beggars still need help - Auckland City Mission

"The reality of poverty is a common thread that weaves all of that together."