Childrens Health

Watch: Children's health expert Dr Julie Bhosale explains if it's possible to raise a healthy vegan child.

Vegan couple 'nearly starved their baby to death' on potato 'milk' formula

The emaciated baby was found "close to possible death".

Kids at St Michael's are taught a revolutionary Finnish anti-bullying programme.

Mum's rage over son's suicide after being bullied for colostomy bag

The 10-year-old boy's parents blame his death on his school's neglect.

Watch: There is strong support for legalisation of cannabis, but question over how to do it remains.

Cannabis cons ignored in legalisation debate - experts

Find out what they're suggesting New Zealand does instead.

Watch: A 2016 study found giving babies peanuts could reduce their chances of developing an allergy.

Give babies peanuts and they won't become allergic, doctors say

"There is an urgent need to prevent food allergy as there is no current cure."

The ACT Party has rubbished a suggestion the Government could ban smoking inside homes.

'Scary' amount of nicotine by-product found in smokers' kids

Almost two-thirds of kids in a new study tested positive.

Andrew Becroft says the latest report shouldn't be dismissed.

New Zealand 'rather late' to wake up to child poverty

One in five Kiwi kids doesn't have access to enough healthy food, a new report says.

Lance O'Sullivan on The AM Show.

Meningococcal outbreak will spread thanks to poverty - O'Sullivan

It's only a matter of time, Lance O'Sullivan told The AM Show.

Jill Ovens on The AM Show.

Midwives deserve higher pay than nurses - union rep

They're tired of having to 'roll over' and take whatever nurses get.

Mother and daugher

Mum called pedo for breastfeeding 9yo daughter

Sharon Spink says she was told it was child abuse and was called a freak.

Ella McKenzie family

Kiwi family turn to alternative treatment for daughter's leukemia

They hope medicinal cannabis will save their three-year-old.

Childrens Health

Smacking kids is not acceptable, it's barbaric

If you have to hit a kid to discipline them, then there is something wrong with you, not them, writes Mark Longley.

Ms Ardern says she's committed to achieving a "significant reduction" in child poverty.

Govt changes child poverty Bill for National

National says it has secured "important changes" that "improved" the Bill.

It asks: "If you knew the ingredients in a vaccine, would you RISK it?"

Anti-vax billboard to be removed after more than 140 complaints

It asks: "If you knew the ingredients in a vaccine, would you RISK it?"

Water in a glass with a slice of lemon.

BPA chemical found in Wellington drinking water aquifer - report

Authorities said it's still okay to drink.

"We can do much better for them," Children's Commisssioner Andrew Becroft said.

Children's Commissioner pushes community-group homes for high-risk youths

He wants large-scale institutional residences "consigned to history".

Childrens Health

Up to 1500 children evicted due to flawed meth testing policy

The CEO admits HNZ does not know what became of many of those evicted.

The Prime Minister has revealed the toll bringing Neve into the world took.

'I didn't want to struggle': Ardern on recovery from childbirth

The Prime Minister has revealed the toll bringing Neve into the world took.

Watch: The AM Show discusses how to talk to your kids about their feelings.

How to tell your child you're getting divorced

While some kids may skate through their parents' separation relatively unscathed, many may suffer at least some distress.

Vaccines work - but many don't trust them.

Why anti-vaxxers think they know better than scientists

A new study has found a link between ignorance and confidence when it comes to medical knowledge.

Some parents say the move could help curb childhood obesity.

Not-so-happy meals on the cards

California lawmakers could make that sugary fix harder to get for kids.