Childrens Health

Health Minister David Clark declined an interview with Newshub on the new antidepressants figures.

Revealed: Thousands of under-14s prescribed antidepressants in 2018

The number of children using the drugs is rising.

Ngahiwi Tomoana and Matthew Tukaki talk to The Hui's Mihi Forbes.

'Not one more baby': Māori leaders call for change at Oranga Tamariki

Some are challenging the approach Oranga Tamariki is taking in the removal of babies from maternity wards.

Denise Messiter on The Hui.

Oranga Tamariki's removal of babies 'dehumanising'

There's been a standoff between social workers and midwives over a newborn's removal from its parents.

Watch: Sydney couple in court after strict vegan diet leaves toddler malnourished.

Belgium will 'no longer tolerate' parents who force their kids to be vegan

They could now face prison.

Tattika Dunn has spoken out about the death of three-week-old Harvey.

Mum of newborn who died in baby sling on losing her son

"I could do nothing to help him."

Watch: A newshub report on the disease.

Measles continues to spread across New Zealand

Health officials are urging people to ensure they've had two MMR vaccinations.

Babies less than four months old are at a higher risk of suffocation in a sling.

'She's beside herself': Mother 'inconsolable' after baby suffocates in sling

A NZ Government agency warns they're not safe for infants under four months.

Cases nationwide have climbed to 84.

Measles alert as schools return on Monday

Cases nationwide have climbed to 84.

Mariam Nabatanzi

Woman with 'unusually large ovaries' gives birth to 44 children

She now supports the 38 surviving kids alone, after her husband left her.

Watch: Parents told to worry less about their children's screen time.

WHO says kids under two shouldn't have any screen time at all

Letting them play games and watch too much YouTube might have serious consequences.

Little blond boy sneezing due to allergy related problems, on a sunny day outdoors. He is holding a handkerchief in his hands, looking away. Copy space available.

Study shows healthy 'nose bugs' could prevent kids' glue ear

Researchers say it's all about having the right bacterial balance in your schnoz.

Childrens Health

Waikato invention could prevent skin injury in premature babies

It could help thousands of babies during their hospital stay.


Baby's first poop may reveal if they'll grow up obese

A specific group of bacteria are to blame, doctors say.

The prevalence was higher in Māori and Pacific children.

Tooth decay common for kids in Northland and Auckland - study

Two-fifths of pre-schoolers in the regions have dental cavities.


C-section babies to be fed mum's bacteria in NZ study

It's the first controlled test of its kind in the world.

Ana's daughter Lila (right) died aged four, now her siblings have been robbed and their sister's special items are gone.

Mother appeals for return of stolen keepsake box

Her daughter died aged four - now the items to help remember Lila have gone.

Watch: The app you need to limit your children's screen time.

Screen time no problem for teens - study

Total screen time per day has "little impact" on their wellbeing.

Only one-in-five year 10s said they had ever smoked.

Teen smoking rate hits all-time low

For the first time, the smoking rate for year 10 students has fallen below 2 percent.

Gráinne Moss.

Fewer kids going into state care, but they're staying longer

Oranga Tamariki says it's taking on fewer children, despite official figures showing the number in state care is rising.

The 'naughty corner' - good or bad?

Time-out good for misbehaving kids - study

It's only bad when used as a punishment, researchers say.