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Father of two kicked out of Gloriavale for disloyalty

He's been accused of speaking to people outside the religious sect.

Should Christian traditions be taught in schools?

God didn't have consent to impregnate Mary, professor claims

A Satanic psych professor has sparked anger among Christians.

The AM Show

Should Christian traditions be taught in schools?

One expert says society will struggle to maintain its morals without Christianity.

Watch: The Pope last year spoke out against cellphones.

Satanic statue installed at US state capitol

It appears right next to a Christmas tree and a Jewish menorah.

Central African Republic

Dozens killed in attack on Catholic mission

Twenty-thousand refugees live in the Central African Republic camp.

US actor Tom Cruise, a Scientologist, visited the Church of Scientology in Auckland in August last year.

'Indoctrination': Questions over Scientology church's free service

"One may not like this, but it's not illegal."


Rātana issues stern warning to Jacinda Ardern's Govt

Some followers are worried Labour's taking advantage of the church's support.

She posted a heartbreaking video while waiting for the ambulance to pick her up.

'White people are disgusting' - Sinead O'Connor after converting to Islam

"What I'm about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it."

Gillian Triggs, former head of the Australian Human Rights Commission, talks about free speech.

Woman's conviction for calling Muhammad a paedophile upheld

She said it breached her rights to freedom of expression. The court disagreed.


Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam, changes her name

Her new name translates in Arabic to 'martyr'.


Controversial new Aussie organ donor advert raising religious eyebrows

Because Jesus gave his life, shouldn't he give organs?

Guy McPherson is another who believes the end is coming - but he has science on his side.

When the apocalypse is due, according to Isaac Newton

It's within our lifetimes.

God, if it was a man

Bishop urges Christians to stop calling God a 'He'

God shouldn't always be called 'He', says the Church of England's first female diocesan bishop.

One local told CBS News she doesn't mind people using marijuana, but it's "blasphemous" to say it's for religious reasons.

Cannabis worshippers smoke up as their church is raided

Police in California say it's an illegal marijuana dispensary, not a real church.

The book is yet to be distributed to students.

Pro-gay rights textbook stuns California conservatives

The book features a picture of a former Mayor, calling him a "champion for people's rights".

Pope Francis.

Pope to meet US church leaders over claims

They want to discuss the fallout from a scandal involving a former American cardinal.

Activists in Bangladesh have protested the detainment of Muslims in China.

Chinese govt violently cracking down on religion - human rights group

It's claimed officials are burning bibles and forcing Muslims into 'brainwashing camps'.

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Why Kiwi churches are offering a prayer for the media

This weekend, at hundreds of churches around NZ congregations will offer up a prayer for the fourth estate.

King Abdullah and Donald Trump.

Israel might get leader named 'Mohammed' - Trump

He reportedly said it as a joke.

The 93-year-old said God had impressed upon him the importance of the official name.

Why Mormons no longer want to be called Mormons

However, the church's central text will still be called the Book of Mormon.