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Penny Bright may be losing her house due to unpaid rates.

Penny Bright's house sale process may be delayed by health scare 3 hours ago

The activist's house is going under the hammer due to $35,000 of unpaid rates.


Remembering NZ's invasion of Samoa in WWI

Our first action in WWI was to invade Samoa - a German colony at the time.

They are becoming the fastest-growing language.

Are emojis killing off the English language?

Research suggests they could be.

During last year's election, Jacinda Ardern's bodyguard attracted headlines for his hipster beard.

NZ cities catastrophically underperform in hipster rankings

Not even our cultural capital Wellington could crack the Hipster Index's top 250.

A new report has grim findings about how Kiwis treat our land.

'Too many cows' - Greenpeace says report shows it's time to transition

The area of land used for dairying increased 42 percent in 15 years.


'Start of something huge': Families re-enter Pike River with Andrew Little

It was a symbolic gesture from the Government.

EU diplomat Eva Tvarozkova.

EU refusing to waive diplomatic immunity in rental stoush

The Tenancy Tribunal ruled a diplomat owed thousands in rent.

They could be released back into the community as a result.

Rapists win major victory over New Zealand after UN finding

They could be released back into the community as a result.

"If the gay community want to be accepted as a part of society then 'take it on the nose'," he said.

Brian Tamaki says 'cry baby gays' will go to hell

"If the gay community want to be accepted as a part of society then 'take it on the nose'."

Tania Sawicki Mead from Just Speak spoke to The AM Show.

Youth crime rates decline

But a youth justice advocacy group says there's still plenty of work to be done for Māori and Pasifika children.


170 Kaimanawa wild horses re-homed

Five horses were deemed unsuitable for adoption and had to be euthanised.

The poplar tree back in 2011.

Hastings' huge poplar gets life-saving trim

It's New Zealand's oldest deciduous tree and the tallest of its kind in the world.


Fish friendly guidelines announced

The Govt plans to move obstacles stopping fish and eels from migrating to the ocean.


'Phenomenal' emotional toll after Tauranga homes declared uninhabitable

"We've got two young kids - we want to start our lives," one distraught homeowner said.


Polyamory: How does dating multiple partners work?

Three's The Project took off their 'prude shoes' and spoke to polyamorous people to find out.

David Battersby.

Auckland local board member calls Green MP a 'silly b**ch'

Derek Battersby said Julie Anne Genter should "stay home and look after the kids".

An earthquake damaged Christchurch home.

Govt admits EQC re-check of 140,000 homes 'on the table'

It comes after a Newshub probe revealed botched repairs could cost taxpayers $1b.

A $5 note.

Kind stranger pays for Dunedin mum's doctor visit

Mum Mel Hayward didn't have money on her at the time, but a stranger covered the fee.

Watch a registered nurse explain why she supports the use of medicinal cannabis.

The endometriosis sufferers turning to cannabis for relief

The condition causes chronic pain, and can go undiagnosed for years.


Mobile shopping trucks 'piranhas' targeting the vulnerable

"People go there purely out of desperation."