Tokyo Olympics: Trampoline

  • 01/01/2021

Trampoline is one of the three disciplines included under the umbrella of gymnastics - along with artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.

The pastime was invented by American gymnast George Nissen in 1934, after he watched circus performers falling into safety nets and performing acrobatic tumbles.

It was introduced to the Olympics at Sydney 2000, with athletes performing two routines - one compulsory and one voluntary - in qualifying, but each routine must include 10 skills, which are marked in the same way as gymnastics.

China has won three of the 10 events and 10 of the last 18 medals contested, but was kept off the top of the podium at Rio 2016 by Uladislau Hancharou of Belarus and Rosie MacLennan of Canada, who defended her title from London four years earlier.

Current world champions are four-time winner Gao Lei of China and Japanese Hikaru Mori, competing at the Tokyo Olympic venue.

Kiwi Dylan Schmidt won the 2014 Youth Olympic gold medal and finished seventh at Rio, and will return for his second Games, while Maddie Davidson because the first Kiwi woman to compete at the Olympics.

NZ Team

Maddie Davidson - women's individual

Dylan Schmidt - men's individual