Tokyo Olympics: Boxer who attempted to bite Kiwi David Nyika blasts New Zealand fans for 'not showing respect'

Morocco boxer Youness Baalla has taken his frustration to social media, lashing out at New Zealand fans, after his attempted bite of Kiwi David Nyika.

Nyika made the perfect start to his Tokyo Olympics campaign on Tuesday, dominating Baalla in the heavyweight bout and winning by unanimous decision.

But at the end of the fight, Baalla attempted to bite Nyika's ear amid frustration at being outclassed, with commentators describing it as an "act of absolute madness".

The African has since been disqualified for what officials claim was an "intolerable action".

After the fight, Baalla took to Instagram, complaining he'd received "bad" messages from New Zealanders on social media in response.

"To all the people coming from New Zealand - with all my respect to this country, but you're not showing respect to yourselves," he writes. "I will not answer any bad DM [direct message] and sorry I have big things waiting for me."

Nyika earlier told TVNZ he felt Baalla bite his cheekbone, but the referee dismissed the incident without punishment.

David Nyika. New Zealand. Men's Heavy (81-91kg) round of 16. Kokugikan Arena, Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Tuesday 27 July 2021. Mandatory credit © Steve McArthur /
Photo credit: Photosport

"Luckily he had his mouthguard in and I was a bit sweaty," Nyika said post-fight. "But come on man, this is the Olympics - get your shit together."

Nyika also posted on Instagram, joking that his opponent must have had a "sweet tooth", but later returning to urge fans to lay off his rival.

"The heat of battle can bring the best AND the worst out of people," he writes. "This is part of sport.

"I have nothing but respect for my opponent and can appreciate the frustration he must have felt.

"Please don't reach out to him, if you have nothing nice to say."

Nyika's win sees him take on Belarus' Uladzislau Smiahlikau in Friday's quarter-finals.

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