Tokyo Olympics: Kiwi double scullers Brooke Donoghue, Hannah Osborne react to support from home

While Kiwi double scullers Brooke Donoghue and Hannah Osborne let the reality of their Tokyo Olympic silver sink in, their supporters back home let their emotions show.

 "It's been phenomenal," Kim Osborne, Hannah's dad told Newshub. "They did the work... sorry.

"There's no words for it. I've got tears, they don't come out very often.

"To do this sort of sport, you've got to have heaps of mongrel and they've got it. I'm going to have a hangover in the morning."

Hannah Osborne laughed at her dad's reaction.

"He did send me a message saying he would be pretty pissed tonight," she said. "That's great... live it up, dad."

Obsorne credits her farmer dad for her "mongrel" attitude.

"He just yells at the dogs and tells us to dig in deep."

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