Tokyo Olympics: How Tom Walsh rediscovered his love for shot put before securing second straight bronze

Shot putter Tom Walsh showed raw emotion on Thursday, as he claimed back-to-back Olympic medals.

Firstly, yelling and pumping his fists following his bronze winning throw and then afterwards holding back tears.

That's because, before the Games, Walsh questioned his future in the sport:  

"The last 18 months haven't been easy for anyone," Walsh said on Thursday.

But we now know why those months were especially difficult for Walsh. The 29-year-old says being unable to travel saw him fall into a rut.

His life was committed to competitions, and he couldn't compete overseas.

"For me, there was a lot of self-doubt," Walsh says. "Especially the last three or four months. 

"'Do I still have it? Do I still throw far enough? Do I still get the energy from it? The excitement?'"

Walsh told Newshub that for a while he lost his 'why' - questioning his future as a shot putter.

He had to find love for the circle again - the Olympics were looming. The two time medalist turned to his mental skills coach, John Quinn.

"Especially in the last two or three months. In terms of telling yourself a positive story. Telling yourself 'look at the numbers, look at the breadcrumbs.'

"The breadcrumbs tell the story of where you've come from, and where you're going."

Walsh said it has taken four or five competitions to find that love again, but he has.

He's on a plane back to the US on Friday to compete, and finish the Diamond League season.

And now he's armed with a new Olympic medal in his luggage - he's not stopping.

"I do the sport to compete, and train at the top level, and win at the top level.

"So that's what really excites me, and that will add a bit of fuel to the first for the next two to three weeks, for sure."

Walsh says he's committed to the years ahead - he wants to be the best. And with renewed drive and a fresh mindset, you wouldn't bet against him.