Tokyo Olympics: Sailors Peter Burling, Blair Tuke ponder another bid for gold at Paris

Peter Burling and Blair Tuke remain undecided on what their 49er future may hold, but have hinted they won’t rule out a shot at redemption in Paris in three years.

The pair came agonisingly close to a second straight gold medal, instead claiming silver at the Tokyo Games, and admit it will take some time to come to terms with falling short of their ultimate goal.

Burling and Tuke made a low-key return to their Enoshima base, after coming so close to the gold medal they’d had their hearts and minds set on for five years. 

"Straight afterwards and even now, it's mixed emotions," says Tuke. "When you come that close... the dream of ours and the goal for the last four years has been to try and win another gold medal for our country."

Three Olympics, three medals, but not the colour they'd come to Tokyo for. 

Disappointed, yes - gutted, absolutely. 

Ungrateful, no chance. 

"On the Olympic podium in London, we saw people not enjoying the silver medals or being disappointed," says Tuke. "We said 'let's not be those people, if that ever happens', so we'll hold our heads high and enjoy this one."

They certainly have good reason. A year that began with an America’s Cup defence on home waters in March, culminates in a third Olympic medal.

And with Paris now just three years away, Burling hinted going for gold once again could be on the horizon. 

"Definitely, after a week like this, you’re pretty motivated to take things on, but we'll have to wait and see, and make sure we're doing things for the right reasons."

The pair will now take time to unwind and take stock, after a packed year already. 

"In the next couple of days, it'll sink in that we've managed to win another medal for our country and we’re pretty proud to do that."

It might not be a golden one, but Burling and Tuke have plenty to celebrate, as they add another Olympic medal to a growing list of accolades.