Tokyo Olympics: Women's success at Tokyo Olympics justifies investment - Sport NZ

There's a sense of vindication for Sport New Zealand, as it reflects on the record-breaking medal haul at the Tokyo Olympics.

Chief executive Raelene Castle says the investment of public money has been more than justified by the feats of the NZ team, especially with female athletes dominating the medals in Tokyo. 

"I think [the female success] is important," Castle tells Newshub.

"I think it's a great result for the investment and the plans that Sport NZ has had and probably the equity of investment that's happened over a period of time."

Kiwi women were at the forefront of the medal rush, responsible for 11 of the 20-medal haul, including six of the seven golds.

"We've seen the success that's been generated and we'll continue to fund and support women's sport as we have over the last few years," says Sport and Recreation Minister Grant Robertson. 

Who gets what from the public coffers will soon come into sharp focus and some sports might be more anxious than others.

But Castle refused to condemn the likes of cycling and sailing, who under-performed in Tokyo.

Conversely, the future isn't absolutely certain for those who conquered nearly all last week.

"We go into a deep review period now with the sports, so we look critically and have to be careful that winning doesn't hide that multitude of sins," she says.

That includes ensuring the last two weeks are not a one-off, with the road to Paris 2024 beginning now.

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