Why Otago University's proctor should not resign

Why Otago University's proctor should not resign
Photo credit: Image - University of Otago

OPINION: Otago University proctor Dave Scott deserves to keep his job.

When we go to school we are encouraged to look at our teachers, lecturers and leaders as role models. Dave Scott is a role model.

Yes, he entered a private flat without permission, but it wasn't just a random flat in Dunedin, it was a student flat and it is smack bang in the middle of the student area and campus.

Smoking cannabis in New Zealand is illegal, he knew that as a former cop and the tools to do so were there in plain sight.

His intentions were sound, his job is to look after students and look after the University.

What he was doing was right, the way he did it was wrong.

Yesterday at a press conference, the proctor denied entering other flats and taking more bongs. 

We are obliged to take his word for it until he is proven guilty or confesses.

My question is why have none of the other people in the flats he allegedly entered come forward to the media or authorities without speaking "anonymously?"

Is it because they're scared it'll ruin their chances of getting any post Uni careers and would tarnish their names for life if any prospective employee Googled them?

It's better than a criminal conviction.

And that is exactly what Dave Scott is trying to prevent. 

Caley Callahan is from Dunedin and is a reporter based in Christchurch.