NerdsPLUS podcast: Does your office need a designated crying room?

  • 08/04/2019
NerdsPLUS podcast: Does your office need a designated crying room?

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This week on NerdsPLUS our nerds take a deep dive into Jason Schreier's deep dive on Anthem's development and ask the depressing question, should any workplace have a dedicated room to cry in?

Plus, hot dang From Software has done it again team. Sekiro has finally been released and turns out shadows die nice. Host Finn Hogan recounts all the ways he enjoys bashing his head against the difficulty wall of the latest in the 'souls bourne' franchise.

Then Jordan breaks down the dumbest race on the internet and explains why newly announced Borderlands 3 will be the world's best loot shooter.

Plus new host Camille plays little known indie title The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt for the first time and shares her controversial opinion that it might be quite good.

Also this episode: our nerds consider the future of the video game industry (as per usual), share their hopes and fears for Stadia, wonder if it's worth buying upgraded Switches and ponder whether the budding Microsoft/Nintendo romance will blossom into a full blown marriage.   

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