The Man-Child podcast: Breasts and bottles

  • 25/09/2019

Gone are the days of strict four-hourly feeding routines as parents are now advised to feed on demand.

Breastfed babies can feed 12 to 14 times, sometimes more, over the course of 24 hours and don't often stick to schedule, instead choosing to cluster feed on and off for several hours at a time.

Getting the feeding and sleeping routine sussed is challenging. 

In Breasts and Bottles, episode two of the Man-Child podcast, journalist Mike Wesley-Smith finds feeding baby Evelyn a bit hit and miss. He learns that parents often miss their baby's tired signs, which can result in overtiredness and disrupted cycles. 

Mike also tries a TENS machine to gain some insight into the labour pains women experience.

Join Mike on his journey into fatherhood. 

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