The Man-Child podcast: Poonamis and Code Browns

  • 25/09/2019

What goes in must come out.

Parents have different names for it - 'poo-nami', an IND (Improvised Nappy Device), Code Brown. But, no matter what you call it, it can strike at any time.

At a moment's notice, parents have to drop everything, frantically arm themselves with wipes, balm and fresh nappies, and head into the fray.

Newshub's new podcast Man-Child is a dive into dad-hood by journalist Mike Wesley-Smith.

Episode three - Changing Fortunes - explores the unavoidable area of parenthood - nappy changes.

The sleep withdrawal is starting to take its toll on Mike's nighttime nappy changing skills. He discusses his love for disposable nappies and interviews another dad who is equally passionate about cloth alternatives. Plus the new dad panel meets to compare nappy notes, and confessions of making their babies cry.

Join Mike on his journey into fatherhood. 

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