Pizza's ready: PM Bill English shares video 'proof' of successful snack

Just as the controversy was beginning to settle down, Prime Minister Bill English has stoked the flames of the great pizza debate.

He gained notoriety at the beginning of the month when he shared a photo of his dinner on Facebook - pizzas with canned spaghetti and pineapple on top.

It generated outrage not just in New Zealand, but worldwide. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel was so disgusted he called for Mr English to be impeached on television.

When the drama began to die down, Mr English shared a photo of him with celebrity chef Nadia Lim, eating a perfectly normal pizza together.

"Squeezed in a little cooking lesson with Nadia Lim. She also takes a much better selfie than me," he wrote.

The post was met with scorn by the public.

"Nice distraction Bill, but if you think we're all just gonna forget about spaghetti-gate you're wrong," Justin Bagnall commented.

In the last 10 days, attention on "spaghetti-gate" all but disappeared. But on the same day Mr English announced tighter immigration rulings, the focus was back on what's important.

"For those who've been asking, here's the evidence that I actually helped make a pizza," he said on Facebook, sharing a video of him making a pizza from scratch with Ms Lim.

He even got a quick lesson on how to take a selfie.

But once again, the public was unimpressed.

"Ah yes, time for political theatre in an attempt to humanise you," Malcolm Wolf wrote.

Andrew Robilliard questioned: "Why is he doubling down on this?"

Hopefully with this latest evidence that Mr English can in fact cook a normal pizza, "spaghetti-gate" will finally die down once and for all.