Colin Craig sues ex-press secretary Rachel MacGregor

A man who successfully sued Colin Craig for defamation says he'll financially support Rachel MacGregor should Mr Craig take her to court.

The fallout from the Conservative Party's collapse after the last election isn't over, with ex-leader Mr Craig filing defamation action against his former press secretary.

Mr Craig told RNZ the case against Rachel MacGregor would only go ahead if another case he has before the courts, defamation action against Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, didn't go in his favour. That case finished last week, with the judge reserving his decision.

Ms MacGregor told RNZ she's yet to be served, but declined to comment. Her advocate Ruth Money said if true, it would show Mr Craig's "true colours".

Mr Craig told Newshub the papers were filed "some time ago", but have only just become public. He said it has always been his intention to limit legal action to Mr Slater, Taxpayers' Union founder Jordan Williams and ex-Conservative Party board member John Stringer.

Mr Williams, who was awarded $1.27 million in damages last year after suing Mr Craig for defamation, says Mr Craig is being "vexatious".

"We asked the jury to stop this man destroying people's lives, the jury spoke and clearly believed Rachel and I," he told Newshub.

"If he does sue Rachel, I'll be doing everything I can to support her emotionally and financially."

The $1.27 million award is currently before the Court of Appeal after being ruled excessive.

It's not clear yet what forms the basis of Mr Craig's new defamation action.

Falling out

Ms MacGregor and Mr Craig had a public falling out after she quit her job two days before the 2014 election. They signed a confidentiality agreement as part of the settlement of a sexual harassment and pay claim, but Mr Craig went on to repeatedly break it. Ms MacGregor took a case to the Human Rights Tribunal, which ordered Mr Craig to pay her more than $120,000.

Mr Craig's latest lawsuit comes two months after he sued a former employee for $240,000. And in February, a defamation claim by Mr Craig against Mr Stringer was settled out of court.

Mr Craig has also sued Mr Slater for copyright infringement, after the blogger posted the failed politician's poetry on his blog. Mr Craig lost that case, the judge calling his lawsuit "vexatious" and a "waste of the court's time". Mr Craig has appealed.