New Zealand election 2017: The big issues - have your say

What matters the most to you when it comes to voting?

Tell us your big issues this election by completing our survey.

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With just a few quick clicks, you will be able to see in "real time" how your priorities compare to people in your electorate and throughout New Zealand.

We will be using the data to help our coverage and will be analysing it across our platforms - digital, radio and TV - throughout the election campaign.

We've picked seven key issues:

  • Housing - an obvious hot topic that needs no explanation

  • Immigration - because we know the debate about whether we cut it off or have more is front and centre in a lot of people's minds

  • Money - not just the big picture economy but the everyday economy, things like income, wages, jobs and superannuation

  • Health - is the health system doing its job? Does any party have the right answers?

  • Education - be it early childhood education or tertiary, everybody has an interest and investment in our education system

  • Law and order - do you feel safe? Is the prison system working? Do we have enough police on the streets?

  • Environment - from dealing with global warming, the conservation estate, to our water being bottled and exported, this is always a big issue for Kiwis.

Often in politics it is easy for the media to get distracted, but we know there are core things the public never gets distracted from - so we are trying to focus on some of those, to keep ourselves focused on the things that matter.

We will deliberately target stories in these areas as the campaign goes on.

We know that it is not an exhaustive list by any stretch. And just because things like regional issues and inequality are not on the list, does not mean we won't be covering them - anything but.

It is a very simple concept: just a few quick clicks to have your say on the big issues this election.

Beehive election
Photo credit: Newshub.