Fund health properly, Grey Power urges new Govt

Grey Power is confident the new coalition Government, which includes NZ First, will look after them. Photo credit: Getty

Grey Power wants the Government to fund health properly so it can get rid of health insurance.

Statistics NZ data released on Friday revealed a 3.1 percent increase in health insurance prices for superannuates in the September quarter.

Grey Power national president Tom O'Connor says the public health sector has been shamefully underfunded for too long.

"We end up at the end of a financial year with a Government surplus of $3.1 billion they haven't spent, and we've got a tragically underfunded health system - that's a shocking indictment."

Mr O'Connor says we should have a fully publicly funded health system.

Grey Power is confident however the new coalition Government, which includes NZ First, will look after those on superannuation.

"The parties that make up the Government now… I'm confident they have a really good understanding of what people on superannuation are faced with."

Stats NZ data also showed superannuates experienced the highest rate of inflation after costs of any demographic, up 0.9 percent in the September quarter. Overall inflation was at 0.6 percent.

Mr O'Connor says most people on superannuation are actually in a good position however.

"They're not living in the lap of luxury by any manner or means, but most of those people are managing well because they've learned to be frugal and they've learned to be prudent with their expenditure."

But Grey Power wants more done for superannuitants who lose a spouse and have their household income nearly cut in half.