Hobson's Pledge using 'scare tactics' to block Māori Wards - Te Ururoa Flavell

  • 22/05/2018

A former Member of Parliament says groups like Hobson's Pledge are using scare tactics to make people vote against Māori representation.

Whakatane and Palmerson North's public have spoken, and have voted against Māori Wards. These are just two of five districts holding referendums this month, to decide whether or not to have Māori representation.

But Te Ururoa Flavell says people are been given the wrong message.

"It's all come on the back of scare tactics used by groups like Hobson's Choice which sort of put it to the general public that there's going to be something radically different if Māori happen to be part of the decision-making process," he says.

Mr Flavell says the biggest issue is the discriminatory nature of this type of vote.

"So there's some issues with respect to the discriminatory nature of the laws in the country with respect to Māori representation that need to be dealt with," he says.

"When I was part of the political scene we definitely attempted to do that."

He says that until laws are changed, Māori will continue to be marginalized in decision making processes.

Hobson's Pledge has been contacted for comment.