Skypath advocate welcomes funding announcement from Government

Supporters of Skypath have welcomed the announcement the Government will fully fund it.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford and Green Party co-leader James Shaw have revealed a $390 million investment into cycling and walking, of which about a quarter will be spent on Skypath and Seapath.

Skypath trustee Andy Smith told The AM Show people had been trying to get the walking and cycling route across the Auckland Harbour Bridge for 14 years and it's good to see a commitment.

"It was planned for walking and cycling and it's only through the efforts of a few volunteers we've actually got Skypath on the books," he said.

He's said he believes the funding commitment means it will be built within the next two to three years after his group got resource consent out of the way.

Northcote residents had opposed the bridge due to concerns it would lead to too many people walking and cycling past their house.

On Thursday, lobby group The Taxpayer's Union said building the path would only benefit a small section of people.

"It isn't fair that through fuel taxes, through general taxes we're going to be bailing out something that was initially a public-private partnership with Auckland Council that benefits only a very small section of lycra lovers," said founder Jordan Williams.

Mr Smith said all kinds of people would use the path, including recreational walkers and people wanting to commute.

"It's a tourist thing, it's a commuting thing, they'll be different people using [it] at different times," he said.

"Commuters will use it in the mornings, the sportsmen will use it in the mornings and afternoons, grannies will use it at lunchtime to go for drinks at the Northcote Tavern."

He's not quite sure how many people will use the path, but said there will be a limit of around 1200 on it at any one time.