Mass confusion over Government's Te Reo Māori in school policy

There appears to be mass confusion within the Government about what its policy is on Te Reo Māori in schools.

Māori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta told The AM Show it will be a core subject, so compulsory.

But Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has a completely different idea - not to mention New Zealand First and the Greens.

Ms Mahuta says Te Reo will be a core subject in primary and intermediate schools by 2025.

The Greens have the same policy, which was re-announced on Monday in an attempt to capitalise on Maori Language Week.

"We would like to put a line in the sand and [make it] core curriculum," Marama Davidson says.

And in case there's any confusion, core curriculum means compulsion.

"It's compulsion by a different name and that's fine. The issue is if you use word compulsion, it's the nature of most New Zealanders to say it's not for me," New Zealand Educational Institute's Matua Takawaenga Laures Park says.

Ms Mahuta's announcement looked like a marked shift in Labour policy - which was for Te Reo to be universally available.

Yet the Prime Minister cautiously avoiding the 'C' words - compulsory and core at a press conference on Monday.

Four months ago, Ms Mahuta also spoke about wanting compulsory Te Reo - Winston Peters threatened her, telling her to get in line.

New Zealand First is fresh from destroying Labour's plans to double the refugee quota, and it also put the brakes on Labour's plan to repeal the three strikes law.

You can be sure Winston Peters won't back compulsory Te Reo, especially not with Labour's policy completely all over the shop.