DoC confirms dead birds left outside Parliament had no 1080 in their systems

DoC has confirmed to Newshub there was no 1080 poison in the dead birds left by protesters on the steps of Parliament several weeks ago.

Five native birds were among those placed on the steps of Parliament by protesters, who claimed they were poisoned to death by 1080.

"DoC confirm the toxicology report is back and no traces of 1080 were found in the birds.  We are still investigating this activity and won't comment further while it is still under investigation," National Compliance manager Marta Lang said.

The analysis was undertaken by Landcare Research.

Two kereru, two weka and one red-billed gull were removed for toxicology testing.

Preliminary findings determined the birds were killed by blunt force, and they were sent away for further testing.

Following the preliminary findings, a protester told The AM Show some of the birds had been struck by cars, saying the weka, one kereru and a quail were road-kill.

Harming or even possessing a dead native bird is against the law, punishable with a fine of up to $100,000 or a year in prison.