'Like Netflix on meth': Tau Henare gives his thoughts on Bridges v Ross

  • 18/10/2018

Former MP Tau Henare has chimed in on the Jami-Lee Ross saga in his signature descriptive style.

The feud between the rogue MP and the National Party is closing in on a fourth day, and there's no sign of the drama finishing up anytime soon.

He told The Project while it's not as bad as when Robert Muldoon got drunk and called a snap election, it's still a "major meltdown".

"This is like watching Netflix while you're chuffing away on meth."

Mr Henare once campaigned for Mr Ross, who today was accused of harassment and sexual misconduct by multiple women.

"I thought he was just a young bloke who wanted to get ahead and make a name for himself," Mr Henare says. "How many of your mates do you meet and then look in the closet?"

New allegations that surfaced today indicate senior National officials had known about the complaints made against him for years.

Mr Henare says it's "reprehensible" that Mr Ross was able to become a front bench MP, who until this week was seventh on the party list.

"I'm gobsmacked that he was made Deputy Whip, Chief Whip, all because somebody in the National Party - not the political wing, but the party - has thrown a blanket over him and said, 'It's all right bro, it'll go away'.

"That's the biggest thing. I think somebody's head will be rolling down Willis St very soon."

When asked if National will be able to distance themselves from their disgraced former MP, Mr Henare was unsure.

"My opinion is he's a nutjob, 100 percent. But here's the thing: they can deal with him, but now this other stuff has come up that belongs fair and square in front of the National Party."

Mr Henare says this week's chaos means many more politicians may have incriminating secrets.

"It's only isolated until the next person. We thought that David Benson-Pope was a weirdo, but who else was to come? Jami-Lee Ross."

Mr Benson-Pope is a former Labour MP who allegedly stuffed a tennis ball in a student's mouth.