'I totally disagree': Jacinda Ardern rubbishes Israel Folau's 'damaging' anti-gay post

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern "totally disagrees" with Israel Folau's latest homophobic post.

The Australian rugby star made an Instagram post on Wednesday night, stating "those that are living in Sin will end up in Hell unless you repent."

The image was a makeshift warning sign that listed drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters among those who will ultimately end up in hell.

But when the Prime Minister was asked what she thought of it, she was quick to slam it as "damaging".

"I am very mindful of the fact that for many, he is a role model - he is a person in a position of influence," she said at a press conference on Thursday.

"I think with that comes responsibility. I totally disagree with what he said and how he is using his platform."

The Prime Minister is particularly mindful of the impact the comments may have had on young members of the LGBT+ community.

"There is a lot of vulnerability there," she said.

"There are legal definitions around [what's classified as hate speech but] regardless of that, I think it's damaging. So in that regard, I clearly have a view and I think a lot of people will as well."

Folau has over 314,000 followers on Instagram, and has never been afraid to share his controversial beliefs on the platform.