'Naughty boy' Simon Bridges booted from Parliament for 'barnyard noise' during question time

Simon Bridges was asked to leave the House during question time on Tuesday after the Speaker deemed he was making "barnyard noise".

During question time, the National leader was reprimanded for making a loud groaning noise while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was speaking.

Bridges admitted he had made the noise when Mallard questioned the room.

Mallard expressed disappointment in Bridges, telling him: "I'd just like the leader of the opposition to show some leadership."

Roughly 10 minutes later, Bridges called a point of order, a parliamentary procedure where someone draws the Speaker's attention to a violation of rules.

Apparently, Bridges was unhappy with Mallard's reception of his call.

"Excuse me sir, why did you give that look when I asked for a legitimate point of order, when you've just had three from the other side?" he asked Mallard.

"How is it appropriate for you to entertain several pointless points of order from that side and when I react to something the Prime Minister has said, I'm the naughty boy in this Parliament?"

And then the verbal dressing down from Mallard began.

"Do I really need to explain?" he asked Bridges.

"Right. The points of order as I ruled were legitimate - they drew to my attention, an error in my ruling.

"The member earlier made a barnyard noise of the sort that would not be accepted in a junior classroom and I remonstrated with him for it."

Here Bridges was outraged at the accusation.

"I made no such noise, and it is entirely wrong and unfair for you as a speaker to say that sort of unprofessional comment."

Mallard wasn't having it; Bridges' question time was over - and Mallard told him so.

"The member will leave the house."

Bridges said he wasn't happy with the way he was treated.

"Bad behavior from one side is in [Mallard's] view, charming, and what isn't even bad behaviour from the other is reprehensible, and that's what happened today," he told Newshub.

"The Speaker does need to be reminded that its Parliaments house, it's for all members of Parliament and the opposition has an important role to play, and he should be there impartially to help us do that."