Simon Bridges 'really enjoyed' screaming about slushies in Parliament - Judith Collins

Former National Party leadership contender Judith Collins says she'll support Simon Bridges "while he's the leader".

There has been growing speculation she's about to try and roll her struggling boss, with a number of the party's MPs telling Newshub his days are numbered.

Bridges' outburst in the House earlier this week, during which he screamed the word 'slushies' and accused Finance Minister Grant Robertson of drinking them all, has been compared to former Labour leader David Shearer's infamous parliamentary fish stunt - his final act before resigning the leadership.

Collins defended her boss' antics on The AM Show on Friday.

"Everybody needs to be true to themselves, and it was certainly a very raucous day in Parliament that day. It's general debate time. Simon really enjoyed himself. Everyone just got in behind him. You know general debate can be a bit raucous."

She said no one in the party was surprised by Bridges' aggression, and it won't hasten his demise - at least not by her hands.

"Everyone is getting in behind Simon Bridges, and they are all supporting him, and we're all trying to make sure that we are back on the Treasury benches in 2020."

Asked how long that support might last - considering Bridges is languishing on 5 percent in the preferred Prime Minister polls, barely a third the support Shearer had when he quit to make way for David Cunliffe - Collins said "while he's the leader".

"It could be quite a long time."

Judith Collins.
Judith Collins. Photo credit: The AM Show

Appearing with Collins on The AM Show was Labour MP Kris Faafoi, who stayed quiet while host Duncan Garner grilled Collins.

"I'm just eating my popcorn here," he said when it was all over. "I'm quite happy to watch."



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