Hamilton mayoral hopeful Lisa Lewis calls for candidates' TradeMe feedback to be made public

Hamilton mayoral hopeful Lisa Lewis says candidates should be asked to release their TradeMe account feedback to show how they "conduct themselves".

Lewis, who is throwing her hat in the mayoral ring for the second time after an unsuccessful 2010 run, says the feedback people get on TradeMe is extremely valuable and reflective of who the person is. 

"How someone conducts themselves in business and trades says a lot about how they will conduct themselves in the paid position and job as a City Councillor and Mayor," she said in a statement to Newshub.

"I deem Trademe feedback more valuable than a CV as the feedback is raw and honest from people that have no connection to an individual whatsoever."

She said throughout the campaign she had seen candidates asked questions and judged - but not about their TradeMe feedback.

"I would love to have seen and heard someone ask each Mayoral Candidate what their Trademe account name is and their profile feedback judged and looked into," she said.

Lewis said she has completed more than 1000 trades with 736 traders between 2016 and 2019. 

"I have 100 percent positive successful feedback from individual traders that have come back to do business with me seeing it was a positive professional experience."

She provided a screenshot of her profile as proof.

A former sex worker, Lewis is well-known for streaking at a 2006 All Blacks-Ireland match - something she wouldn't do again. 

"I definitely wouldn't do it again, but at the time I'd written a bucket list - and it was on the bucket list. I'm someone that if I'm wanting to do something, I'm very determined and I want to follow that through."

Her opponents include present councillors James Casson, Angela O'Leary and Paula Southgate, entrepreneur Louise Hutt, engineer Mike West, activist Jack Gielen, and incumbent Mayor Andrew King.