Kaikoura mayoralty on a knife-edge

It's a tight race for the mayoralty in Kaikoura, with progress results showing only a seven-vote difference between the top two candidates. 

Craig Mackle is leading the race on 449 votes, with John Diver close behind on 442. 

Diver says it's just a waiting game.

"Just sort of hanging on a bit, I think is the closest thing you could say about it." 

He's not sure when he will hear the final results. 

There could be job cuts on the cards for the Kaikoura District Council if Diver gets his way. If he gets the job, he says he will be cutting the council's staff back to pre-earthquake numbers.

"As contracts finish we're just going to have to work through it, because otherwise we're going to have to face another 17 percent rate increase over the next two years."

Turnout in Kaikoura was relatively high compared to other councils, with 56 percent having their say - and that's expected to rise as special votes come in.



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