Ryan Bridge's advice to National: Take away Winston Peters' bargaining chip

OPINION: Simon Bridges, your ears must have been burning red-hot in the weekend. 

Winston Peters spent most of Saturday and Sunday slagging you off. 

"National's useless," he said. "National needs to change." National needs a new economic plan".

Well, that's all codswallop. 

You only spend that much time in Government slagging off the Opposition if you're insecure or worried about them.

He's like the Michael Cheika of New Zealand politics.

He's also struggling in the polls. And while they might come round in the election - they always do - it's usually if he's shouting down from the sidelines, not actually in Government. 

That's why they don't do as well on election day if they're in Government. 

You know all this Simon, it's quite simple Simon. 

You also know, like most New Zealand First swing voters, that Winston will never work with you. 

He showed his true colours last time around. And now we all know it. 

It's time to rule out the old dog and show some leadership, Simon. Show some courage. Take away his only bargaining chip and tell him and the country that he can bag National all he wants but nobody cares or is listening anymore.

Ryan Bridge is co-host of The AM Show.