National wants to fine cyclists who don't use cycleways

National is proposing a new law to fine cyclists who don't use separate cycleways.

National's Transport spokesperson Chris Bishop says cyclists' use of roads and motorways, when dedicated cycle paths are available, is frustrating for motorists.

"There are now hundreds of kilometres of protected cycle paths across New Zealand. Many of these are high-quality, safe and designed to be used by cyclists," he said in a statement on Sunday.

"National proposes that in areas where separated cycleways exist, cyclists must use them or else they will receive a fine.

"By making sure cyclists stay in their lane it will keep them safe and go a long way towards improving the public acceptance of cycling by reducing conflict with motorists."

However, the proposal has been met with unhappy reactions from cycling proponents.

"This is a dumb idea," said Patrick Morgan from the Cycling Action Network.

"Police have better things to go than hassle people on bikes. They must be rolling their eyes at this misguided idea."