Another woman complains about former National MP Andrew Falloon

Another woman complains about former National MP Andrew Falloon

There are now "at least five" complaints against former National MP Andrew Falloon, National Party leader Judith Collins says. 

"Another one came through last night and I've talked to the family and I've suggested that they go to the police," Collins told reporters on Thursday. "It's at least five. Where they have asked to speak to me, the offer is still there."

Falloon resigned effective immediately as a National MP earlier this week after Collins was tipped off by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that a teenage woman had received an inappropriate sexual image from him.

"He is no longer an MP, he is no longer a National MP, but if anybody wants to speak to me about their particular case or to get any assurance of what we can do, I am doing exactly that," Collins said.

"The police have made it clear to me that they were intending, when I spoke to them on Tuesday, that they are most likely to reopen the investigation. The more women who come forward to the police, the more evidence the police will have."

Collins said she hopes victims feel comfortable coming forward.

"Knowing that there are other victims should give some comfort to those victims who have not yet decided to come forward," Collins said. "If there are more, please come forward. It's clearly a pattern of behaviour."

Collins would not say how old the latest complainant is but she confirmed she is young.

"She's a young woman."

Collins said the complainants are "all relatively young".

"The main thing I think with the sort of behaviour is that it tends to be quite secret. People involved in this sort of behaviour that he's clearly indulged in are manipulative and I think it's best-placed with the police now."