Watch: National Leader Judith Collins shocks The Project host with claim 1kg block of cheese costs $5

New National leader Judith Collins has shocked The Project with her claim a 1kg block of cheese cost $4 or $5. 

Host Josh Thomson asked Collins some quickfire questions in an interview on Wednesday, including how much a 1kg block of cheese was.

"I think it's about $4 or $5 - something like that, depending on the cheese," Collins answered. 

"The Tasty cheese… we like the Tasty cheese," she added.

Thomson fired back, "Well I hope to shop where you shop."

"I'm probably wrong," she said after his response.

Newshub found that a 1kg block of cheese from New Zealand supermarkets ranged between $10 and $17.20.

According to Statistics NZ, cheese prices, including those for large blocks and fancy cheese, rose 4.1 percent in February 2020 compared to the previous year.

The price of cheddar cheese in particular was up 13 percent, with a 1kg block costing NZ households $10.32 on average.

In the interview, Collins was also asked whether she was for legalising marijuana, to which she responded, 'no'.

"I think that a lot of people are very happy with medicinal cannabis, but not so happy with recreational use," she said. 

When asked about legalising euthansia, Collins said she agreed with it. She also answered 'yes' when asked if she is a feminist.