The number of properties owned by New Zealand MPs revealed

Data on New Zealand MPs' financial interests reveals a large number of MPs own at least four properties.

A Bill that increases security and stability for tenants passed its final reading in Parliament this week. National and ACT voted against the legislation.

Since 2005, members of Parliament have been required to declare annual returns of their financial returns and other specified interests in a list which contains details about property, overseas costs and other interests.

The latest information from April, showing data as at January 31, shows Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern owns her family home in the Mt Albert, Auckland electorate.

National leader Judith Collins owns a family home in Auckland, a commercial and residential property in Wellington and a residential property in Nelson.

Currently, eight MPs do not own any property.

Find out how many properties your MP owns or has an interest in below (loosely based in most-least order).

National MPs

Nathan Guy (National, Ōtaki)

  • Farmland dwellings (x4) – north of Levin 
  • Family home (owned by trust) – north of Levin 
  • Rental properties (x3, owned by trust) – Waikanae Beach, Wellington
  • House (owned by trust) – Wellington 
  • Interests in commercial properties (x20) through Roof Above Head Superannuation Scheme’s investment in Te Waiiti Limited (Whangarei and Hastings), Vogler Limited (Tauranga, Ngāruawāhia, and Auckland), Tahi Limited (Auckland, Hamilton, and Porirua), 265 James Limited (Auckland, Hamilton, and Te Awamutu), Snell LP (Morrinsville, Auckland, Palmerston North, and Hamilton), and Kake Investments LP (Tauranga, Wellington, Hamilton, Rotorua, and Kūmeu)

Dr Parmjeet Parmar (National, List)

  • Residential rental property (R & P Parmar) – Remuera, Auckland 
  • Residential rental property (R & P Parmar) – Half Moon Bay, Auckland 
  • Commercial property (R & P Parmar) – Mt Wellington, Auckland 
  • Family home (owned by trust) – Eastern Beach, Auckland 
  • Residential rental property (Ninian Holdings Limited) – Manurewa, Auckland 
  • Residential rental property (Nanak Deep Investment Limited) – Bucklands Beach, Auckland 
  • Commercial and residential property (R P & M Parmar Partnership) – Flat Bush, Auckland

Barbara Kuriger (National, Taranaki - King Country)

  • Family home (owned by LS & BJ Kuriger Trusts Partnership) – New Plymouth 
  • Family home (owned by LS & BJ Kuriger Trusts Partnership) – Te Awamutu 
  • Dairy farm (owned by Shortland Farm Limited Partnership) – Ōpunake 
  • Dairy farm (owned by Shortland Farm Limited Partnership) – Ōpunake 
  • Dairy farm grazing unit, joint leasehold interest – Ōpunake 
  • Apartment (owned by LS & BJ Kuriger Trusts Partnership) – Wellington

Amy Adams (National, Selwyn)

  • Farm property (in trust) – Aylesbury 
  • Commercial property (in trust) – Templeton 
  • Commercial property (in trust) – Temuka 
  • Residential property (in trust) – Cromwell 
  • Residential property (in trust) – West Melton 
  • Residential apartment (in trust) – Wellington

Jacqui Dean (National, Waitaki)

  • Rented property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Ōāmaru 
  • Commercial office (owned by trust) – Ōāmaru
  • Apartment (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington 
  • Apartment – Waikawa 
  • Rural block (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wairau Valley 
  • Apartment (owned by trust) – Ōāmaru

Gerry Brownlee (National, Ilam)

  • Property, Havelock, Marlborough 
  • Residential property (beneficial interest), Marlborough Sounds 
  • Residential property, Ilam, Christchurch 
  • Residential property, Bryndwr, Christchurch 
  • Residential property, Fendalton, Christchurch 

Andrew Bayly (National, Hunua)

  • Family home (in trust) – Karaka 
  • Farm (in trust) – Tuakau 
  • Share of house (in trust) – Coromandel 
  • Share of property – Onehunga 
  • Apartment (in trust) – Wellington

Nicky Wagner (National, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Christchurch 
  • Commercial property (jointly owned) – Christchurch 
  • Commercial property (jointly owned) – Christchurch 
  • Holiday home (owned by trust) – Picton 
  • Rental property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Blenheim

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi (National, List)

  • Family home (owned by Bakshi Family Trust) – Auckland
  • Investment properties (x2, owned by Kautha Trust) – Auckland 
  • Investment property (jointly held in partnership) – Auckland 
  • Investment property (owned by Bakshi Superannuation Scheme) – Auckland

Simon Bridges (National, Tauranga)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Mātua, Tauranga 
  • Apartment (in St Catherines Superannuation Scheme) – Parnell, Auckland 
  • Apartment (in St Catherines Superannuation Scheme) – central Wellington 
  • Commercial property (owned by EHJ Property Limited) – central Tauranga

Ian McKelvie (National, Rangitīkei)

  • Family home (jointly owned), Whareroa, Taupō 
  • Farm land (owned by various entities), Manawatū 
  • Commercial property, Palmerston North 
  • Apartment (owned by trust), Wellington

Dr Shane Reti (National, Whangarei)

  • Commercial building – Whangarei 
  • Rental property – Kohimārama 
  • Residential property – Whangarei 
  • Residential property – Far North

Alastair Scott (National, Wairarapa)

  • Family home – Kelburn, Wellington 
  • Vineyard land (including house and winery buildings) – Masterton, Wairarapa 
  • Beach property – Ōhope, Whakatāne 
  • Beach property – Eastbourne, Wellington

Scott Simpson (National, Coromandel)

  • Family home (owned by trust) – Thames 
  • Rental property (owned by trust) – Remuera, Auckland 
  • Family home (owned by trust) – Kuaōtunu, Coromandel 
  • Land (owned by New Chums Trust) – Whangapoua, Coromandel 

Stuart Smith (National, Kaikōura)

  • Family home (owned by Tayler-Smith Family Trust) – Dry Hills, Blenheim 
  • Apartment (owned by Tayler-Smith Family Trust) – Thorndon, Wellington 
  • Timeshare week (owned by Tayler-Smith Family Trust) – Queenstown Mews 
  • Rental property (owned by Tayler-Smith Family Trust) – Redwood, Blenheim

Nicola Willis (National, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Karori, Wellington 
  • House – Kelburn, Wellington (owned by Appledore Trust of which Willis is a discretionary beneficiary)
  • House – Riversdale, Wairarapa (owned by Appledore Trust of which Willis is a discretionary beneficiary)
  • House – Wānaka (owned by Appledore Trust of which Willis is a discretionary beneficiary)

Jonathan Young (National, New Plymouth)

  • Family home – Vogeltown, New Plymouth 
  • Residential property – Paihia 
  • Residential property – Royal Heights, Auckland 
  • Residential property – Wellington 

David Bennett (National, Hamilton East)

  • Dairy farms (x3) – Te Awamutu 
  • Drystock property – Te Awamutu
  • Residential property – Hamilton

Anne Tolley (National, East Coast) 

  • Residential house (jointly owned) – Ōhope 
  • Residential flat (owned by superannuation trust) – Wellington 
  • Commercial shops (x4, jointly owned) – Napier

Hamish Walker (National, Clutha-Southland)

  • Lifestyle property (owned by trust) – South Otago 
  • Family home (owned by trust) – Queenstown 
  • Apartments (x4) (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington

Judith Collins (National, Papakura)

  • Family home (owned by trusts) – Auckland
  • Commercial and residential property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington 
  • Residential property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Nelson

Paula Bennett (National, Upper Harbour)

  • Townhouse – Mt Eden, Auckland 
  • House (sold February 2020) – Ōrātia, Auckland 
  • House – Te Atatū Peninsula, Auckland

David Carter (National, List) 

  • Farm property, Banks Peninsula 
  • Farm property, North Canterbury 
  • House, Marlborough Sounds

Matt King (National, Northland) 

  • Family home – Ōkaihau 
  • Apartment – Wellington 
  • Farm – Ōkaihau

Todd McClay (National, Rotorua) 

  • Family homes (x2, owned by trust) – Rotorua 
  • Family holiday home (owned by trust) – Pukehina 
  • Home (jointly owned) – Belgium

Mark Mitchell (National, Rodney)

  • Family home – Ōrewa, Auckland 
  • Apartment – Thorndon, Wellington 
  • Rental property (commercial) – Pukekohe, Auckland

Maureen Pugh (National, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Turiwhate, West Coast 
  • Farm (jointly owned) – Turiwhate, West Coast 
  • 1/52nd share of property – New South Wales, Australia

Erica Stanford (National, East Coast Bays) 

  • Family home – Ōkura 
  • Residential property, family home (owned by parents’ family trust) – Ōkura 
  • Residential property, holiday home (owned by parents’ family trust) – Whangamata

Michael Woodhouse (National, List)

  • Family home – Andersons Bay, Dunedin 
  • Holiday home – Cromwell, Central Otago 
  • Apartment – Thorndon, Wellington

Matt Doocey (National, Waimakariri)

  • Family home (owned by trust) – Rangiora, Waimakariri 
  • Residential property (owned by trust) – Merivale, Christchurch

Andrew Falloon (National, Rangitata)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Pleasant Point, South Canterbury 
  • Wellington dwelling (jointly owned) – Karori, Wellington 

Paul Goldsmith (National, List)

  • Family home (owned by trust) – Remuera 
  • House (half share) – Waitakere Ranges

Denise Lee (National, Maungakiekie)

  • Family home – Auckland 
  • Apartment (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington 

Melissa Lee (National, List)

  • Family home – Auckland
  • Rental property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington 

Dr Nick Smith (National, Nelson) 

  • Family home, Nelson 
  • Electorate office and rental property, Nelson 

Alfred Ngaro (National, List) 

  • Family home – Te Atatū, Auckland 
  • Second home – Pētone, Wellington

Simon O’Connor (National, Tāmaki)

  • Rental property (owned by retirement scheme) – Auckland
  • Apartment (owned by trust) – Wellington

Chris Penk (National, Helensville)

  • Family home (owned by the Barkley Trust) – Waitakere, Auckland 
  • Rental property (owned by the Barkley Trust) – Tauranga

Louise Upston (National, Taupō) 

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Cambridge 
  • Apartment (jointly owned) – Wellington

Tim van de Molen (National, Waikato)

  • Horticultural property (owned by Caritim Limited) – Tamahere, Waikato
  • Residential houses (x2) (owned by van de Molen Family Trust) – Tamahere, Waikato

Dr Jian Yang (National, List)

  • Family home (owned by trust) – Auckland 
  • Rental properties (x3, owned by Jinjan Limited) – Auckland

Lawrence Yule (National, Tukituki)

  • Farmland – Ōtamauri, Hastings 

Joanne Hayes (National, List)

  • Family farm (partnership) – Feilding

Harete Hipango (National, Whanganui) 

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Whanganui 

Brett Hudson (National, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Khandallah, Wellington

Nikki Kaye (National, Auckland Central)

  • Personal home – Ponsonby, Auckland 

Maggie Barry (National, North Shore) 

  • Family home (owned by trust), Stanley Point, Auckland

Sarah Dowie (National, Invercargill)

  • Family home – Invercargill

Paulo Garcia (National, List)

  • Apartment (jointly owned) – Wellington

Chris Bishop  (National, Hutt South)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Pētone, Lower Hutt

Simeon Brown (National, Pakuranga)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Pakuranga, Auckland

Tim Macindoe (National, Hamilton West) 

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Grandview Heights, Hamilton

Todd Muller (National, Bay of Plenty)

  • Family home – Tauranga

Dan Bidois (National, Northcote)

  • None

Agnes Loheni (National, List)

  • None


Labour MPs

Adrian Rurawhe (Labour, Te Tai Hauāuru)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Whangaehu 
  • Interests in 26 Māori land blocks in the Aotea District 
  • Interests in one Māori land block in the Tai Tokerau District 
  • Interests in two Māori land blocks in the Tākitimu District 
  • Interests in 11 Māori land blocks in the Waipounamu District 
  • Interests in Waipū general land block, Rātana Pā

Jenny Salesa (Labour, Manukau East)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Auckland 
  • Rental property (owned by Praescient Limited) – Auckland
  • Two acres of land (owned by 99-year lease) – Haveluloto, Tonga 
  • Apartment (jointly owned by Kaha’u Superannuation Fund) – Wellington

Louisa Wall (Labour, Manurewa) 

  • Family home (owned by trust), Manurewa 
  • Whānau home (jointly owned), Taupō 
  • Rental property (jointly owned), Tūrangi 

Angie Warren-Clark (Labour, List)

  • Family home – Papamoa, Tauranga 
  • Rental property – Papamoa, Tauranga 
  • Pine blocks (owned by trust) – Northland

Meka Whaitiri (Labour, Ikaroa-Rāwhiti)

  • Family home – Whakatū, Hastings 
  • Family home (owned by trust) – Manutuke, Gisborne 
  • Interests in blocks of Māori land (beneficiary) – Tairāwhiti, Hastings, Himatanga

Iain Lees-Galloway (Labour, Palmerston North)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Hokowhitu, Palmerston North 
  • Family home (owned by trust) – Terrace End, Palmerston North 
  • Rental property (owned by Alva Glen Limited) – Thorndon, Wellington

Dr Liz Craig (Labour, List)

  • Family home – Richmond, Invercargill 
  • Farmlet (includes house) – Rōmahapa, South Otago 
  • Conservation block (land) – Little Bay, Coromandel

Willie Jackson (Labour, List)

  • Family homes (x2, jointly owned), Māngere Bridge, Auckland 
  • Family home (jointly owned), Rotorua 
  • Apartment (jointly owned), Wellington

Poto Williams (Labour, Christchurch East)

  • Family home – Waimairi Beach, Christchurch
  • Wellington residence – Thorndon, Wellington

Dr Megan Woods (Labour, Wigram)

  • Family home, Hillmorton, Christchurch 
  • House, Spreydon, Christchurch 

Jamie Strange (Labour, List)

  • Family home – Hamilton 
  • Apartment – Wellington

Aupito William Sio (Labour, Māngere)

  • House – Manurewa 
  • House – Māngere Bridge 

David Parker (Labour, List)

  • Home (owned by trust, part let), Dunedin 
  • Holiday home (owned by trust), Karitāne, Otago

Stuart Nash (Labour, Napier)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Napier 
  • Apartment block (owned by superannuation scheme) – Napier

Nanaia Mahuta (Labour, Hauraki-Waikato)

  • Family home – Ngāruawāhia 
  • Rental property – Hamilton

Trevor Mallard (Labour, List)

  • Home – Wainuiōmata 
  • Rental property (jointly owned) – Dunedin

Chris Hipkins (Labour, Rimutaka)

  • Residential property (jointly owned) – Upper Hutt 
  • Residential property (in superannuation trust) – Raumati South, Paraparaumu

Marja Lubeck (Labour, List)

  • Family home (owned by trust) – Rodney, Auckland 
  • Rental property (owned by trust) – Rodney, Auckland

Jo Luxton (Labour, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Ashburton 
  • Family home (jointly owned) – Akaroa

Paul Eagle (Labour, Rongotai)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Wellington 
  • Rental property (jointly owned) – Wellington

Dr David Clark (Labour, Dunedin North)

  • Family home (owned by Clearwater Trust) – Ōpoho, Dunedin 
  • Holiday home (owned jointly by Richard Clark Family Trust and Faye Clark Family Trust) – Alexandra

Tamati Coffey (Labour, Waiariki)

  • Family home – Hinemoa Point, Rotorua 
  • Investment property – Kāwaha Point, Rotorua

Raymond Huo (Labour, List)

  • Family home (held in family trust) – Auckland 
  • Rental investment properties (x9, as a shareholder of the company that owns the properties) – Auckland

Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki (Labour, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Onehunga 
  • Rental property (jointly owned) – Totara Heights, Auckland

Dr Deborah Russell (Labour, New Lynn)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Titirangi, Auckland 
  • House (jointly owned) – Karori, Wellington

Jan Tinetti (Labour, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned by Merton Tinetti Family Trust) – Mātua, Tauranga 
  • Apartment – Wellington Central, Wellington

Rino Tirikatene (Labour, Te Tai Tonga)

  • Vacant land (no dwelling) – Rātana Pā 
  • Interests in various South Island Māori land blocks – North Canterbury, South Westland, and Southland

Kiritapu Allan  (Labour, List) 

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Sponge Bay, Gisborne 
  • Family home (jointly owned) – Edgecumbe, Whakatāne

Ruth Dyson (Labour, Port Hills)

  • Family home – Christchurch
  • Cottage – Akaroa

Clare Curran (Labour, Dunedin South) 

  • Family home – Musselburgh, Dunedin

Willow-Jean Prime (Labour, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned), Pakaraka, Northland

Jacinda Ardern (Labour, Mt Albert) 

  • Family home – Mt Albert electorate, Auckland

Kelvin Davis (Labour, Te Tai Tokerau)

  • Family home – Kaitāia

Kris Faafoi (Labour, Mana)

  • Family home – Camborne, Porirua

Damien O’Connor (Labour, West Coast - Tasman)

  • Family home – Upper Moutere

Priyanca Radhakrishnan (Labour, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Glen Eden, Auckland

Grant Robertson (Labour, Wellington Central)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Wellington 

Andrew Little (Labour, List) 

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Island Bay, Wellington

Greg O'Connor (Labour, Ōhāriu)

  • Share in property – Westport

Carmel Sepuloni (Labour, Kelston)

  • Family home – Titirangi, Auckland

Phil Twyford (Labour, Te Atatū)

  • Family home (jointly owned), Te Atatū, Auckland

Michael Wood (Labour, Mt Roskill)

  • Family home, Mt Roskill

Dr Duncan Webb (Labour, Christchurch Central)

  • Family home (owned by trust) – St Albans, Christchurch

Peeni Henare (Labour, Tāmaki Makaurau) 

  • None

Kieran McAnulty (Labour, List)

  • None

Ginny Andersen (Labour, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Belmont, Lower Hutt 


New Zealand First MPs

Shane Jones (NZ First, List)

  • House – Tai Tokerau 
  • Family home (jointly owned) – Kerikeri 
  • Houses (x2) – Mangonui, Tai Tokerau 
  • House – Mill Bay, Tai Tokerau

Ron Mark (NZ First, List)

  • Family home (owned by trust), Carterton, Wairarapa 
  • Apartment (owned by trust), Pētone, Wellington 
  • Leasehold property, McLeans Island, Christchurch 
  • Numerous blocks of Māori land in Te Waipounamu, Tākitimu, Aotea, Waiariki, and Tairāwhiti

Winston Peters (NZ First, List)

  • House – St Marys Bay, Auckland 
  • House – Whananaki South, Northland 
  • Land – Whananaki South, Northland

Clayton Mitchell (NZ First, List)

  • Home (jointly owned) – Mt Maunganui 
  • Bach (jointly owned) – Mt Maunganui

Tracey Martin (NZ First, List) 

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Carterton 
  • Rental property (jointly owned) – Warkworth

Fletcher Tabuteau (NZ First, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Hamurana, Rotorua 
  • Apartment (jointly owned) – city centre, Wellington

Jenny Marcroft (NZ First, List) 

  • Family home – Matakana, North Auckland

Mark Patterson (NZ First, List)

  • Family home – Lawrence

Darroch Ball  (NZ First, List)

  • None


Green MPs

Eugenie Sage (Green, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Diamond Harbour, Christchurch 
  • Rural land 8.4 ha (jointly owned) – Buller, West Coast 
  • Vacant residential section (jointly owned) – Beckenham, Christchurch

Julie Anne Genter (Green, List)

  • Apartment – Mount Victoria, Wellington 
  • House – Berhampore, Wellington

Golriz Ghahraman (Green, List) 

  • Family apartment (jointly owned) – Freemans Bay, Auckland

Jan Logie (Green, List) 

  • Family home – Cannons Creek, Porirua

Gareth Hughes (Green, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned), Karori, Wellington

James Shaw (Green, List)

  • Family home (jointly owned) – Wellington

Marama Davidson (Green, List)

  • None

Chlöe Swarbrick (Green, List)

  • None



Jami-Lee Ross (Botany)

  • Lifestyle block – Howick, Auckland

David Seymour (ACT NZ, Epsom)

  • None