English nurse fangirls over letter from 'heroine' Jacinda Ardern

Another overseas fan of Jacinda Ardern has received a letter from the Kiwi Prime Minister.

Dione Rogers, a nurse from the English town of Kettering, says she was watching Netflix with her partner, Richard Adams, when he told her to have a look at her emails.

Unbeknownst to her, Adams had written to Ardern, praising his partner's work for the National Health Service in Kettering. When she opened her email inbox, Rogers found a reply. 

"It can't have been easy - especially since the pandemic hit - to have been working in such a busy and vital role in the NHS," Ardern said in her letter shared online by Rogers.

The Prime Minister goes on to comment on several of Rogers' recent accomplishments, such as working on a masters degree, getting a new role at Kettering General Hospital and being named as National Digital Leader of the Year.

"I know how busy life can be, in fact you make my life seem straightforward in comparison!" Ardern said. "So congratulations, Dione, for all that you've accomplished. I send you and your family my very best wishes for the future."

Rogers expressed her excitement about the letter on Facebook. 

"When your partner writes to your heroine and you get a reply from NZ!!!" Rogers said. "I have followed Jacinda Arden, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, for a few years now and have been blown away by her leadership skills, compassion and kindness (sic)."

"Tonight she wrote back to me. Absolutely thrilled. He's a keeper for sure too. Who does that!"

Speaking to the Northamptonshire Telegraph, Rogers says she was in tears.

"I think I read it about four times and then I just cried - for [Richard] writing to her and being proud of me and for her, being such a busy lady, to find the time to write back to me. She seems to be able to do it all and she is so human."

Rogers says she offered to host Ardern at a gin bar in her garden the next time she was in the UK. 

"I told her that if she was ever in Kettering I would be more than happy to host her for a gin. Her office replied to say they would definitely pass it on!"

Ardern is becoming well-known for sending letters to fans overseas. Last week, it emerged that a child in Hastings, England had received a message from the Prime Minister praising a newspaper he had created while in lockdown. Another kid in Ireland got a letter from her at the start of March. 

Stuff earlier in the month reported that "messages from young people are the only ones [Ardern] always makes sure to read". 

To try and get Ardern's attention on issues facing New Zealand, some Kiwis and groups have begun writing out their concerns in what appears to be children's handwriting. 

The Taxpayers Union did so on Wednesday with complaints about Speaker Trevor Mallard.

"We've incepted this letter sent from Sally to Jacinda Ardern," the group wrote.