Don Brash believes Winston Peters might attempt political comeback

Don Brash believes Winston Peters may attempt to make a political comeback, as he prepares to give his first speech since New Zealand First was booted out of Parliament last year.

Peters, who was Deputy Prime Minister under the last Coalition Government, has kept a low profile since his NZ First party failed to get reelected - but on Sunday he will make his first speech since that dismal election result.

Former National and ACT leader Brash told Magic Talk's Sunday Cafe it's hard to know what Peters will say. He noted that come election 2023, Peters will be the same age as US President Joe Biden is now.

"He's young enough to make a comeback and it wouldn't surprise me," Brash told host Mel Homer.

"Politics has been Winston's entire life - he's got no other career, no other interests as far as one can tell.

"He may try and make a comeback and he might succeed."

Peters will deliver his speech at 2:30pm on Sunday - at NZ First's AGM. Ahead of the meeting, Newshub Nation asked Peters if he would stay on as leader - but he refused to answer.

"Can I just say to you, I'm not having an interview with you at the start of this conference until I've spoken to the members of this party," Peters said. "Can you understand that?"