Newshub-Reid Research Poll: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern not bothered by result as Labour plummets to 43 percent

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she's not bothered by the results of Sunday night's Newshub-Reid Research Poll, which shows her popularity has taken a nosedive.

The latest results show the public perception of Ardern has fallen, while her Labour Party plunged 9.7 points to 43 percent.

But Ardern told The AM Show there's plenty of time until the next election.

"I'm still really heartened, though, the fact that between ourselves and the Greens - there's still a solid majority there."

The poll showed Labour couldn't govern alone as it does now - but the Greens were solid on 8.5 percent, up 1.4 points.

"I've never been one to be particularly obsessive over polls - I do listen, I do hear people… I hear people rather than just generic polls," Ardern said on Monday.

Earlier, Newshub political editor Tova O'Brien said while the poll result wasn't great for Ardern - it wasn't good for Opposition leader Judith Collins either.

The biggest winner from the poll result was ACT leader David Seymour - who climbed above Collins as preferred Prime Minister, while his party jumped 4.2 points to 11.1 percent.

"There are a couple of schools of thought within the National Party; one is that Christopher Luxon moves in [as leader] now and I don't think 'Team Luxon' particularly wants that - they would like him to go mid next year," O'Brien told The AM Show.

Last month, Luxon denied he was working with former leader Simon Bridges to take the National Party leadership - saying he didn't expect the position to be vacant anytime soon.